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Giving Thanks
Happy pie-day, flist! A list of things for which I am thankful:

1) Food. Maybe it's on my mind because I have consumed rather a lot of it today, but there is enough food in my life, and enough food that I can eat without triggering my celiac, which is important.

2) Music. I honestly do not know where I would be without the emotional release that singing provides. No matter what has happened in my day, I can start humming or singing, and I'll feel better. Walking out of Chorale rehearsals, I'm usually tired but always exhilarated; I love the people, I love what we're working on, and I love the power of it.

3) Friends and family. Fairly obvious, but I am so glad that there are so many people in my life to whom I can go when I need anything--a hug, a laugh, a cry.

4) My college and my high school. I went back to my high school yesterday for the annual Thanksgiving assembly, and it was wonderful to see many of my teachers again. They remembered me, and were interested in what I was doing, and I'm so very glad I went to this wonderful, difficult, amazing, batshit-crazy-making place. College is the same way--it's hard, and terrifying at times, but I am loving (almost) every second of it.

5) There are some individual people for whom I am immensely thankful; A, Duke Roy, Mamma M, Milgroin, Kim, and Lindsay most particularly. Kim and Lindsay have both done so much for my singing, and therefore my self-confidence, that I can't even begin to thank them.

Now to curl up with A and digest and watch The Fellowship of the Ring. <3


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