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Drag Ball 2012
Good lord, I haven't posted in over a month. I'm still alive!

So last night was the annual Drag Ball event. I had been undecided about going for a while, but when A told me that they still needed someone to help with the first shift, I decided to be helpful. I was also pretty curious--how were people going to interpret "drag"? I enjoy people-watching, and this seemed like a prime opportunity.  I also enjoy dressing up, and since A has a tuxedo in her closet...

Yesterday morning A, JF, KT the stage manager and I went forth to find a ridiculous dress for A. She ended up in a red 80's number, with large poofy wing-like sleeve things, that made her swan about singing A Shady Dame from Seville. The 80s-ness of the dress demanded an equally large quantity of hair, so we stopped at Dollar Tree where she acquired a knit cap and lots of pre-curled yellow ribbons, to make a wig. There was a Sally Beauty Supply right next door, so I went in and bought makeup for the Big Broadcast.

Duke Orsino came over and did makeup for both of us. I got sideburns, eyebrows, and a slightly curled moustache, while A got lots of eyeshadow and the red lipstick I bought for Beatrice Smith, my 1942 alter-ego.

When we got to Chapin, I was assigned to be a floater--wander around and help whoever needs helping. I ended up standing next to the exit door, preventing people from coming back in this way and pointing them to the front door. Everyone was really nice about it, but sometimes my body would move more quickly than my tongue and I would step forward into the paths of the tall scantily-clad men walking in. 

It was really strange. I'm not a very tall person, and most of the time when a tall man I don't know is walking forward I get out of the way. But I was wearing a tuxedo, and a bowler hat, and I had a moustache. The tux jacket is too large for me, so it made my shoulders feel about four feet across. Somehow, in these very manly clothes, I had no problems using my body to stop people. I was standing in a wider stance than I usually do (man stance!) and that helped with the feeling of authority, but a lot of it was the suit.

...Yeah. I was going to say more, but it's really cool how clothing shapes your body language. I don't think that I had had such a concrete experience of that before.

Now I need to go back to work... this can totally count as a Gender Studies response paper, right??


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