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Thoughts on The Hounds of Baskerville
Moar Sherlock!

I really liked this one, much more than "Scandal". The way they updated it was clever--since a lot of the original novel is about heredity, and bloodlines, and the aaaaancient family curse *spirit fingers*, they couldn't really go with that because I don't think it has the same impact anymore. The idea of turning "Hound" into an acronym was clever, although when Sherlock was demanding of Henry "why hound? Why did you say the footprints of a gigantic hound?", I was telling my computer "because it's a line from the original novel!" The money-spinning horror-tourism in the village was a nice touch as well; my mother and I were in Dartmoor a few years ago with some friends of hers (seven-mile "walk", in the pouring rain, in August. Oh the Brits), and I remember there being some little things like that around, mostly in the visitors' centre.

Other things... Lestrade popping up was fun. "Is that why you're calling yourself "Greg"?" "...It's his name." "Oh." He looked like he'd never really considered that, which was kind of cute. It's like little kids--you never think that Mrs. Math Teacher or Mr. History Teacher has a first name, they're both just LastName. They continued the theme of Sherlock being out of his element, which I also liked. They handled it much better this time, I thought; at the very least, it wasn't so clunky.

And then the John/Sherlock relationship. I did like the way it was made very clear that John cares deeply about Sherlock, without specifying in what way. I think the show has always done that, because honestly you can't ever really answer that question fully without the entire world falling on your head. (What is the position of Arthur Conan Doyle's estate with regards to Sherlock? I remember reading something about the heirs getting all grumpy about things that Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. were saying, but that was for Sherlock Holmes. Of these two franchises, who was what rights?) The two scenes in the pub, in the churchyard, and outside the pub at the end were some of my favorites, because of the ways in which Sherlock is changing. Especially at the end--I think he's starting to realize that John does care about him, and he shouldn't take advantage of that. He really hurt John in this episode, but he's realizing it.

And then the final shot OH MY GOD WHAT. Next week is Reichenbach, and I'm just bracing myself for Sherlock and Moriarty to start to tip over the edge of the fall, and then credits. Or however they choose to interpret it. I'm calling it now--the episode will end right at the most tense moment possible.


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