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I'm back at college now! Woo!

Exactly a week ago was the Honor Code Ceremony, introducing the firsties to what the thing was and what it meant. The Convocation Choir was also in attendance, as at the end of the ceremony we sang the Goodnight Song. We sang it mixed, and were spread out along the balcony. I had L, who is (I think) an alto on my right and someone else who sang the middle part on my left. We were hanging out for most of the ceremony, and Lindsay told us that we could bring a book or something. I had planned to bring the skirt to which I was adding pockets, but unfortunately I grabbed the wrong chunk of medium-blue cotton on my way out the door, and unfolded it to realize that I had the leftovers, not the actual skirt. Whoops. There were a bunch of seams that I could unpick, so I spent the hour or so doing that and chatting with L.

It was a really nice conversation. She's a sophomore this year, and we talked about religion. I've been thinking about church-shopping, which I suppose is a post for another time, but this summer was really very difficult, and something felt missing. Also, I'm kind of curious. I haven't experienced many formal religious services in my life, and the last time I went to any was I think some time in seventh grade during the Neighboring Faiths portion of Unitarian Universalist religious education. I was asking L about what her faith/s were, and we shared our stories and coming-outs and it was really, really lovely. 

During this, a Thought was brewing in the back of my head, and here it is:

That conversation, for me, symbolized what the Honor Code can be.

I didn't really know L all that well, but I still felt entirely comfortable talking to her about some really personal things. More importantly, I could have that conversation knowing that she would keep it in confidence, just as I would keep her story in confidence. It was just a lovely moment/realization.

EDIT: I realized the date, and dug through my wallet to find the copy of the honor code that I signed at the ceremony when I was a firstie. I signed that card exactly three years ago. :-)


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