Hi, if anyone out there is still reading this.

So. I have graduated from college (May 19), gotten a job (May... when was that? May 27th or 28th), and no longer have that job (August 6). I wasn't fired, per se, I just didn't pass the probationary period. Which sucks majorly in the short term, but is probably better for all parties in the long run--it wasn't a really good job for me, and the hours were wreaking havoc with my sleep schedule and mental balance, so again it's better for all parties. And I was thinking of talking to them anyway and saying "look, this isn't working out for me, thanks for everything, peace", but it's one thing to ask to leave and another thing entirely to be politely shown the door, y'know? So. Fnargh.

In other news, myself plus A plus Milgroin plus The Mob are going to move to an apartment on the 15th! Out of our respective parents' or parents'-of-girlfriend's houses, and into our own place. Which will be absolutely lovely. One of my cousins is moving to the area in about a week, and it'll be really nice to see her again. I think the last time I saw her was sometime in high school? She's a few months younger than I am, but also just graduated. It'll be good to be around to help her move, and oh yeah to move all of my and A's belongings. A has a job now, which is good. She got it yesterday, in one of the striking examples of how the universe likes to toy with people. Fortune's wheel goes round and round and all that.

Anyway. I'm feeling a bit shaky, so it's probably time to go downstairs and have some lunch. Food is a good thing, and while it's quite picturesque to waste away to nothing in my parents' attic, it's not terribly practical and will not lead to renewed employment.


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